2020 – present | 5 people team

WondAR Studios

Website manager

WondAR Studios is a technology-driven services company specializing in cinema, gaming, and high-tech live events. It operates through three main product lines: Marketplace, Production, and 3D Data Acquisition.

Objective: Organic positioning to acquire new clients and creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the 3D animation asset marketplace.

Results: New B2B collaborations every month obtained through the website. Plus, I developed an ecommerce MVP without using code, which is already operational without any promotion.

As a content specialist, I do:

• Company website creation and management;

• Creation of an ecommerce prototype for the sale of 3D animations, collaborating with software developers

• Graphic design and prototyping of augmented reality apps under development


of a no-code marketplace

Organic conversions

from around the world


of a prototype for an AR app

The official website of WondAR Studios

The official marketplace of WondAR Studios

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