2019 – present | 2 people team

Mediaset Play Cult

Content strategy, Social media manager

Play Cult, a project initiated in 2018, celebrates the cultural heritage of Mediaset from the ‘80s and ‘90s, bringing historical television broadcasts such as Festivalbar and Mai Dire Gol back online.

Objective: Raise awareness about Mediaset’s cultural heritage.

Results: The steady growth of followers reached 100k in September 2024, with an organic increase of +4k per month and a rising engagement.

As a content specialist and a social media manager, I do:

• Research and selection of new video content from historical Mediaset programs;

• Elaboration of the editorial plan for the social channels Facebook and Instagram;

• Post-production and uploading of historic episodes of Zelig (including Zelig Circus, Zelig Off, and Zelig 1) on Mediaset Infinity.


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The official website of Play Cult

The official website of zelig

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