My name is Antonio

Nice to meet you!

Determination and a passion for digital media have led me to become a Content Specialist, with the goal of creating digital editorial projects that inspire and engage. Every day, I dedicate myself to developing content that ranges from articles to videos, always aiming to drive traffic and add value to the websites I manage.

I collaborate with Mediaset Infinity and manage websites on WordPress, where my curiosity and proactivity push me to keep up with market trends and implement innovative solutions, often through the integration of artificial intelligence.

Throughout my career, I have always sought to improve myself by taking online courses in digital professions and keeping an open mind through the numerous trips I have taken. Traveling is one of my great passions: exploring new cultures allows me to step out of my comfort zone and enrich my work approach with diverse perspectives.

My Story

Over the Years


Studying at IUSVE

My education in Web Marketing and Digital Communications at the IUSVE University of Verona was crucial in building the theoretical foundation of my profession. During my university years, I had the chance to work with companies like Vodafone, Ferrari Trento, and Arrital Cucine, honing my practical skills in intensive workshops.


The magic of Arena di Verona

I became an extra at the Arena di Verona, the largest opera theater in the world. Over four years, I participated in 127 performances, which allowed me to closely observe the theatrical direction of Franco Zeffirelli, Hugo de Ana, Gianfranco de Bosio, and Arnaud Bernard. This experience also gave me insight into the production of prime-time television shows.


My entry into the workforce

Thanks to a university internship, I met Paolo Aralla and his company, Bapu, which produces videos and documentaries. I revamped their website, edited my first piece for National Geographic, and began working with virtual reality. This professional relationship continues to this day.


My first world tour

Working in dynamic teams and international settings has given me the opportunity to grow professionally. I worked on a medical-themed event tour that took me to Mexico City, London, and Frankfurt.


My entry into a large company

For almost six years, I have been collaborating with Mediaset Infinity to create engaging content for the platform. Mediaset is a very large company with endless learning opportunities, and I am surrounded by amazing colleagues.


Digital Nomad life

Since 2022, I have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, working from various parts of the world and bringing my global experience to the projects I manage.

The future

New opportunities and explorations

My desire to learn and challenge myself never ends. My next goals are to increasingly integrate Artificial Intelligence into my work and to expand my collaborations within an international context.

Antonio Polato in Madeira

In this photo, I’m at Levada do CaldeirĂŁo Verde in Madeira, where I lived for a month working remotely in 2024.


Remote work is becoming increasingly convenient for everyone. It’s no coincidence that in recent years, the phenomenon of digital nomads has exploded—freelancers without a fixed residence who choose to work from various parts of the world. This lifestyle has taken me to Mexico City, London, and Frankfurt, and through Crete, the Canary Islands and Portugal. There, I’ve been able to work on events and support clients while working remotely.

As a freelancer, working with me allows you to save on fixed costs while still receiving high-quality performance. The project itself is what matters, not the hours spent completing it.

To stay updated, I continuously take courses and refine my skills with the following learning platforms:
Learnn for digital marketing,
Codecademy and DataCamp for artificial intelligence,
Cambly to keep my English sharp.