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Antonio Polato - La notte di Andrea Bocelli Rai1 Libiamo - Fondazione Arena di Verona 2018

Fondazione Arena di Verona

The adventure began in 2015 when I became a figurant at the Arena di Verona, the largest opera house in the world. In 4 years I participated in 127 shows that brought me to know closely the Franco Zeffirelli’s, Hugo de Ana’s, Gianfranco de Bosio’s and Arnaud Bernard’s directions. This experience allowed me to understand how the production of prime time television productions works. I took part, in fact, to:

  • Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare, conducted by Paolo Bonolis, Belen Rodriguez and Elena Santarelli, broadcast on Canale 5 in prime time in 2015 (2,654,000 viewers, 13.82% share);
  • La notte di Andrea Bocelli, conducted by Milly Carlucci, broadcast on Rai1 in prime time in 2018 (3,889,000 viewers, 21.60% share).
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