I am web master and vfx artist in Bapu Media Production, a video production agency in Treviglio (BG) specialized in the production of documentaries for television, in particular for the National Geographic Channel. I am also a graphic designer in some stages of the Allergan’s intercontinental tour MDCodeTourTM and for this reason I worked in Mexico City, London and Frankfurt.

Relations with Bapu started at the beginning of 2017 on the occasion of the university curricular internship. I was immediately included in the experimental project of BapuVR, a company branch that deals with the production of virtual reality. I then learned from scratch to do the “stitching” work, that is the fusion of the videos taken at the same time from different angles with the cameras positioned so as to guarantee a coverage of 360 × 180 degrees. My first job consisted of post-production of 3 videos filmed on the snowy Etna that were then mounted in a single clip of about one minute. The satisfactory result led Paolo Aralla, the company’s founder, to display it at the virtual reality’s event organized by the “arcHITects” architecture studio in Milan and to propose it to National Geographic. I perfected the video by erasing the shadow of the cameras in the snow with a meticulous work in After Effects. The video was finally published on the Italian Facebook page of National Geographic (you can view it on this page).

Client name:
Bapu Srls
Gennaio 2017