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Antonio Polato IUSVE - arte laguna prize catalogo 2017

Arte Laguna Prize

The collaboration with the Arte Laguna studio for the namesake award, held annually in the evocative setting of the Venice Arsenal, began thanks to a graphic project for the realization of the 2017 coordinated image of Arte Laguna Prize.

The final project for the examination of a graphic and advertising and communication laboratory with Prof. Arch. Aurelio Chinellato and Claudio Noventa consisted in the design of the Arte Laguna exhibition at the Venice Arsenal. The required materials were two catalogs (a traditional one and a completely creative proposal), a model of the Arsenal, banners and flyers, invitations and a video presentation. The project wanted to pay homage to the centenary of the birth of the artistic current De Stijl.

Afterwards, they called me to document the performances of the opening Gala of Arte Laguna Prize 2017. For the occasion I then filmed with 5 cameras for an overview in the Arsenal and post-production.

I also edited the videos for the 2018 edition.

Introductory video of the university project realized for Arte Laguna Prize 2017

Altre informazioni

Client name:
Arte Laguna Prize
Maggio 2016
Marzo 2018

Development of the university project for Arte Laguna Prize 2017

The Arte Laguna Prize is an international competition aimed at enhancing contemporary art. The Award has received the medal of the President of the Italian Republic and is sponsored among others by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veneto Region, Cà Foscari University of Venice, IUAV, the European Institute of Design.

The competition includes the awarding of 6 cash prizes of 7,000 euros each, the setting up of an important collective exhibition at the Venice Arsenal, 4 exhibitions in International Art Galleries, 2 collaborations with Companies, 7 Art Residences, 3 participations at International Festivals and publication of the catalog.

After a careful analysis of Arte Laguna’s communication, we decided to carry out a research on the main anniversaries in the graphic / artistic field that occurred in 2017. We have therefore chosen to design the coordinated image of the 2016/2017 edition, citing the Dutch De Stijl, founded in 1917 together with the eponymous magazine directed by Theo van Doesburg.

Antonio Polato IUSVE - Arte laguna brief 2016
  • Traditional catalog:

    The first version of the catalog perfectly reproduces the style of the previous years. The main novelties are the pattern, the different colors for sections and the elimination of the artists’ photos for greater formal cleaning. The paper used is 120g thick. Dimensions 300 × 300.

  • De Stijl catalog:

    The second catalog proposal is interactive and provides a total revolution in the format. The book has a cardboard cover; once opened, you will be faced with a polystyrene container in which all the catalogs are inserted according to a layout inspired by the Mondrian painting. Each section has its own catalog. The introductory information (curator, artist in residence, etc …) are contained within Painting / Painting thanks to the generous dimensions it offers. The catalogs can be easily extracted thanks to a red ribbon applied on the bottom.

    The interior has undergone a graphic restyling. The photos of the artists have been deleted and the names have been inserted vertically for a better management of the space. In the smaller catalogs the layout has been designed in double page. The cage is based on the lines of the Mondrian framework.

    Antonio Polato IUSVE - Arte Laguna catalogo De Stijl 2016
  • Exhibition’s plastic:

    The exhibition floor was filled with an infographics inspired by the Mondrian painting to subdivide the exhibition in the various sections with different colors, delimited by dotted lines. The itinerary that visitors are called to follow is indicated by a continuous line. In the first room we have foreseen the presence of 2 tables for refreshments and a stage for the award ceremony.

    Behind the panels on which the paintings are hung are installed lights with the color of the corresponding section, lit from the front by a white light. For video works there are monitors instead of paintings.

Antonio Polato IUSVE - Arte Laguna piantina arsenale di venezia 2016
  • For the base of the plastic, a plywood panel was used, one for chipboard walls and the panels were made of cardboard.

Antonio Polato IUSVE - arte laguna prize modellino 2016
  • Applications:

    Outside the exhibition the poster and the banner must be well recognizable. For this reason we opted for the use of red, or, alternatively, the white color, and design, easily recognizable and easy to decipher.

    Inside the exhibition all the elements have to resume the institutional colors and at the same time be immediate and decorative. The attention will certainly be on the works of art on display, but the coordinated image of the other elements helps the viewer to read everything.

Antonio Polato IUSVE - ARTE laguna prize applicazioni A 2016
Antonio Polato IUSVE - Arte Laguna Prize applicazioni B 2016